Carbon fiber replica watch case

The pricing of luxury goods is a more imaginary concept and cannot be calculated solely on the basis of cost. The price of Swiss watches should be mainly considered in terms of brand positioning, material craftsmanship, and polishing of the movement.

Let's talk about the movement and the movement polishing first, many people will think that the price of the replica panerai mainly due to the different polishing process of the movement. They may even think that polishing the movement can improve the performance of the watch. In fact, this statement is completely wrong.

Movement polishing is mainly divided into ornamental and functional. Most of the movement polishing process does not actually improve the performance of the movement. The Geneva twill on the edge of the movement is called fine grinding, but the edge of the plywood has a decorative effect. Twill can improve the accuracy of the movement? The movement is very exquisite and has an artistic feel. Making the watch artistic is indeed a means to increase the price, but it is not absolute.

In terms of replica watch materials, the more common materials for watches are mainly steel, precious metals (metal or full gold), bronze, alloy, carbon fiber, etc., like some top luxury brands, they will definitely play some new materials to set off their expensive. For example, Richard watches use nano-TZP ceramic material.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Ultimate Master series uses a unique steel-clad rubber strap, which itself is a steel strap and then is wrapped with a layer of imported natural rubber on the outer layer of the steel strap to increase the comfort of wearing.

Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore unique carbon fiber case, the rough design style coupled with the irregular texture of the carbon fiber case makes it look more domineering.

Replica Rolex uses 904L steel to differentiate it from other replica cartier brands that use 316L steel. The main purpose of the difference in watch material is to make it more expensive because of the difference. But replica watch friends Cartier and Longines both use 316L steel, the movement is the same, but the price still has a huge difference. This shows that it is not the movement and material that play a decisive role, but the most important thing is the product positioning.